Monday, March 16, 2009


So I ended up deciding against creating an entire business package because I'm never going to have to send out invoices or anything because I'll require payment beforehand.  And even if I ever do, as soon as I decide which business card to use, letterhead would be super easy to create from there.  Anyhow, I designed a bunch of business cards and can't decide which one I like best... so I'm posting all my favorites!  bah-haha!!  
I did a couple variations of each one, perhaps posting them and seeing them outside of illustrator will help change my perspective so I can decide which I like best.  If anyone feels strongly for or against any of them let me know.  the name tag ones.. well, I just can't decide if they're too cheesy. hmm. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm writing my thesis...

...and I don't like it.
But I did notice that I hadn't posted the back of the card thingy for my BFA show.  Silly me.  Here it is:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artist Statements

Oh yea, and here's my artists statement, since i know people never read them anyways... maybe if i post it more people will notice it. I also thought it might be relevant the effort I put into making it not look cheesy like most shows do... meaning not on white paper, essay format, name on the paper (I mean come'on! Your name's on the damn wall! does it really need to be on the statement sitting directly underneath it?! Geeezus.), avoided New Times Roman font (yes I actually used Helvetica b/c it's been discussed as a domineering font and I think it kinda goes with my work), didn't put it in that crappy plastic whatever-you-call-it to hold it up on the pedestal, didn't include "Artists Statement" as the title. Wow, yea I just ripped 85% of the statements that go up at this school. Someone had to do it. Not that I'm saying mine is the bestest there ever was or anything like that, I just can't stand the way they're usually presented here and I wanted to switch it up a bit.

the show is up and done, wooo hooo!

pics to prove it heh heh hehh... It is hard to describe the relief I feel after the insane amount of time I spent on this (I'm exceptionally proud of the Ding Dong Tower haha..). Perhaps I will elaborate later. Brain not working now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

lookee what I did!

It may seem a small feat to you, but it was a battle for me... Bahhh-ha-ha-ha-haaa! I made me disappear! I used the middle one for my show b/c you can't really tell it's me anyways. I was pretty stoked I was able to edit my face out of the last image...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Deciding how to hang my show

While planning for my show I was trying to figure out how I could put my ideas for how to hang it into a visual form in which I could show my peers and get their opinions. I finally got the idea that I should make to-scale models of my work within the space of the Meyer Memorial Gallery. I think it was pretty effective in conveying my ideas, as much as it could be. With such a large scale (hundreds of images) I wasn't able to hang the work in a way that conveyed these ideas. The three concepts I was trying to decide between are above, if you can make any sense of it all. I ultimately opted for the last one. (images of the actual installation to come)....

Friday, February 20, 2009


I don't really have anything important to say... I'm stressing about getting everything done by the end of the term. I just found out I'm 4 units short of graduating.. kinda p.o.'d about that. So in my aggravation I cleaned my apartment. I have a habit of doing that, when I'm stressed about school, I clean. Doesn't make sense though, I should just put my energy towards getting studying and stuff done. I never said I was a rational person.
Anywho, I finally got Poladroid to work (this was on my timeline), I initially had a hard time getting it to download, so here's a couple old pics I converted to Poladroid. I think they turned out pretty cool :)  And I'm going to use them for my show, well at least on the cards for the show because, well, I want to.