Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artist Statements

Oh yea, and here's my artists statement, since i know people never read them anyways... maybe if i post it more people will notice it. I also thought it might be relevant the effort I put into making it not look cheesy like most shows do... meaning not on white paper, essay format, name on the paper (I mean come'on! Your name's on the damn wall! does it really need to be on the statement sitting directly underneath it?! Geeezus.), avoided New Times Roman font (yes I actually used Helvetica b/c it's been discussed as a domineering font and I think it kinda goes with my work), didn't put it in that crappy plastic whatever-you-call-it to hold it up on the pedestal, didn't include "Artists Statement" as the title. Wow, yea I just ripped 85% of the statements that go up at this school. Someone had to do it. Not that I'm saying mine is the bestest there ever was or anything like that, I just can't stand the way they're usually presented here and I wanted to switch it up a bit.

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