Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My journey towards eternal starvation

As I will soon be graduating from this fine establishment, I thought I should do some research on how to maintain my place in society.  I have been a starving college student for the last uhhh, 7 years now, and am hoping to make a smooth transition into my new role in the world as a starving artist.  Here is the best advice I was able to find through my extensive Google research:

10 ways to remain a starving artist:
1. Don't set goals.
2. Never ever think about money.
3. Keep your artwork to yourself- don't show it, don't talk about it.
4. Don't tell anybody you're an artist.
5. Spend all of your time in your studio.  Don't bother marketing - let    your art stack up.
6. If people are buggin you to buy your artwork say it's not for sale-    it's not priced- that will deter them.
7. Go at it alone- don't get any help.
8. Stay away from artists earning money.
9. Expect instant success.
10. Wait to be discovered.

This list was compiled by Martha Zlater, Art Business Consultant at the Small Business Development Center of San Francisco.  
...And this list was stolen from this blog.

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