Thursday, January 29, 2009

The method to this madness

Who is my favorite artist?
I don't know, I been meaning to address this question for some time now but I'm just so indecisive. I've been really interested in Andy Warhol lately, but not in his work necessarily, more of his persona and the processes and methods with which he creates his work- the method of his madness. Before Warhol, I was interested in Duane Michals, initiated by my obsession with the image "This Photograph is my Proof," which inspired a lot of thought about my own work. Annnnd, before that was Diane Arbus. But that ceased after the 13 page research paper I wrote about her and her work- damn you ArtH 301. So I will have to work on an answer for this question.

Other random thoughts: must learn how to cut out and place a new background on an image. Yes Miles, expect me to come bang on your office door next week.
Oh, and figure out how to upload an Illustrator image on here. It's beginning to limit the content of my blogs. Grrrr...

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  1. cool post--keep writing! Anything/everything is good. Short stuff, long stuff. Bring it on