Monday, February 2, 2009

i hate titles

I don't like titling my work.  And with my BFA show coming up, I need to think of one fast.  But first I need to sit down and decide exactly what the work means to me, what exactly it is about. I think I know at this point, it's just a matter of putting it into words, words that others will understand and ensure that the work actually reflects the statement I'm trying to make.  I'm not particularly good at articulating my thoughts, so perhaps this will be a good exercise for me.  So I'm going to make a meager attempt at explaining my work..
I utilize Polaroid and Photobooth as the format for a majority of my work, not necessarily because of the immediacy they provide, but more because they quickly take on a tangible form. As digital is becoming more and more popular, people are printing images less and relying on computers, the Internet, etc.  I feel that the photograph as an object gives it an entirely different quality. People collect images as memorabilia of events and people in their lives, a way of remembering.  My photographs could be considered mundane or banal, but that is entirely dependent upon the viewer. To the people they involve they are priceless, to others, they are just another collection of snapshots.  The use of Xerox in my work, being easily reproducible, is intended to reveal that to many the photos mean nothing, they are virtually the same images that fill the pages of so many family photo albums. The repetition of Xerox images is meant to reflect on this.  Whether or not it works, I don't know. Yet.

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